Our store at 5870 South Decatur Boulevard.

How To Apply

Our founders, Rick Swanson and his wife Andrea started The Loan Depot many years ago. Prior to opening The Loan Depot Rick had began his foray in the cash loan business, back in Las Vegas' heyday, as one of the pioneers in the payday loan business. Along with friends like Big John (Forget about it), Chuck (when Chuck was down in the hood), and Sean (The Mouthpiece) he set a business model that many loan businesses across the country have tried to emulate.

Rick and Andrea have made some good memories and great friends in the loan business like Lou, who has since bought a little piece of heaven by a lake in the midwest and retired there, George, and Chris who are still with him moving The Loan Depot forward.

Rick and Dusty visiting the famous Welcome To Las Vegas sign.

(702) 252-8383

George and Rick outside of our store at 5870 S. Decatur Blvd.